martedì 30 agosto 2011

GIVEAWAY: MacBook Pro 15″! |


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Welcome to the new, which offers a daily dose of the week’s best free and bargain books on the Kindle. We’re very happy to have you here. In celebration of our rebranding–and in typical style–we’re coming in with a major giveaway: The MacBook Pro 15″! It retails for $2,200 and it could be yours.

To win, you must do these TWO things: Join Facebook Fan Page and subscribe to  email blast, which you can do here

Make sure you tell us did EACH in the COMMENTS section of this page and you will be entered to win.

Want more optional chances to win? Each time you do one of the below, it counts an extra entry.
    • SHARE this giveaway on YOUR Facebook page. Simply copy and paste this message into your Facebook status: “I’m entering to win a MacBook Pro from WeekinRewind, a great site for Free and Bargain Kindle Books! You can enter to win here:”
    • Join us on Twitter @weekinrewind. Then, TWEET this Contest to YOUR followers. Just Tweet some variation of this message to your followers for an entry (make sure it’s written differently, but say sort of the same thing):“ is helping me find some of the best free and bargain books on Kindle! Love the site! #Kindle” Just let us know you did so in the COMMENTS section of this post. We’ll check that you did–and you’ll be entered. Each time you Tweet the message, it equals one entry–you can do so as often as you like (within reason).
Mention us on, on Facebook’s Kindle page, etc. In other words, help us get the word out anyway as you can. Send us a link in the COMMENTS section and you’ll be entered.

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