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iPhoneContest | SoglieDat↕ – keep under control the web traffic | 2 REDEEMs

iPhoneContest | SoglieDat↕ – keep under control the web traffic | 2 REDEEMs

Save your money, with Dat@Counter!
#1 Top Paid Utility in Italy
#4 Top Paid App in Italy
#9 Top Paid Utility in Poland
#50 Top Paid Utility in many other countries…

Do you have a data plan with limited traffic through GPRS\EDGE\3G network? Dat@Counter is the best application to keep under control the traffic produced by surfing, YouTube, Facebook or any other apps! Works both with iPhone and iPad 3G…
♦Universal: it works with all carriers!♦
Today almost none of the carriers offer a totally flat data plan. This is why many users are afraid of exceeding their daily, weekly or monthly traffic limit and so of having to pay extra debits. Often the only way to check your left traffic is of accessing the portal of your carrier. This is not only a bit annoying, but also disadvantageous because by doing so your left traffic is still further reduced.
Dat@Counter is the solution!

♦ Universal: Dat@Counter works with every carrier because it retrieves data from the device and not from the carrier’s portal.
♦ Fast: once you have set your traffic limit, all you have to do is launch the application when you want to check the traffic produced on GRRS, EDGE and 3G networks. A luminous bar will help you to see immediately how much traffic you still have.
♦ Functional: no connections required. This app can be used even if you are not connected because it does not need to retrieve any information from the net. In this way you will save the traffic necessary to obtain those data from the portal (about 1.5 MB).
♦ Up to date: often carrier’s portal are not updated in real time… Dat@Counter, using the traffic info generated by the device, is always precise and punctual.
What should I do to make it work?
Almost nothing. After the initial setting of your traffic limit you can immediately start using the app. You just need to reset the data counter every time a count session finishes (that is everyday if you have a daily limit, once a week if you have a weekly limit, and so on). But don’t worry: you will be sent a notification when a reset is needed, even if the application is closed or in background. When you see this notification you will just have to push the special button and your counter will be reset automatically!

iOS 4.x required
Works with GPRS\EDGE\3G networks only
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This CONTEST will end at 10.00 p.m., on 30 October

  • Leave a comment to partecipate using your REAL email: it will be used to send you the REDEEM
  • Who comment twice will be disqualified
  • Comments left when the Contest is timed out won’t be considered
  • You need an USA iTunes Account in order to use the REDEEM code
  • The winners will be sorted using the online service

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